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Welcome to our site, an initiative of the District Council of Mount Remarkable.

It is being put together as a means to bring the internet efforts of various sectors of the community onto common ground, as well as providing a resource for the residents of, and visitors to, the district.

The area of the District Council of Mount Remarkable is located in the southern Flinders Ranges of South Australia having the picturesque Mount Remarkable as a natural backdrop/backbone to the Council area. [See plan of hundreds and surrounding areas]

Hundreds in Remarkable Council

Edward John Eyre named Mount Remarkable [the mountain] in 1840, in reference to the way it stood out against the surrounding landscape.

The township of Melrose, at the foot of this mountain is 380 metres above sea level. Complimenting this locality, the Council borders the upper reaches of the Spencer Gulf.

With a Mediterranean climate, the area is predominantly agricultural in respect to mixed farming. Cereal crops of wheat, barley and oats are grown along with merino sheep grazing. Much of the area north of Wilmington consists of large pastoral holdings, but to the south of the Council area it's wetter and subject to more intensive farming.

Small pockets of apiarists, orchards and intensive forestry is included in the southern portion of the Council area.


Council has a population of 3,027 people and is 3,413 sq. kilometres in area. The major townships within the area are Booleroo Centre, Melrose, Port Germein, Wilmington and Wirrabara.

Additionally, smaller towns and settlements are located throughout the Council area, including Appila, Bangor, Baroota, Booleroo Whim, Bruce, Hammond, Mambray Creek, Moockra, Murraytown, Nectar Brook, Port Flinders (Weeroona Island), Telowie, Terka, Willowie, Winninowie, Wongyarra & Yandiah.


The Council is responsible for maintaining approximately 2,000 kilometres of unsealed roads within the area.

Map of the Councils in the Region

Financially the Council turnover is approximately $2,000,000 with rates representing 40% of income, Grants Commission Funds (Commonwealth Income Tax Sharing) 25%, and the balance being made up of Road Grants Fees and Charges.

The administrative centre of the Council is located at Melrose. The Council Chambers and offices are situated in Stuart Street and the Council depot is also situated in Melrose.

Within the Council area two National Park properties are administered by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, namely the Mount Remarkable National Park - 16,149ha and Telowie George Conservation Reserve - 1,946ha. Further, the Woods & Forests Department operate a commercial forest operation on the eastern slopes of the Ranges west of Wirrabara.

Total Forest Lands 11,341 ha.

Native Forest 4,900 ha.

Pines 2,000 ha.